Frequently Asked Questions

I want ongoing service. How does it work?

We start by performing a deep initial clean. This first cleaning will be charged by the hour as each home’s needs are unique. We try and touch every surface on the first clean so that when we begin maintenance cleaning, we know the house has been thoroughly cleaned. This makes subsequent cleanings go faster, saving you money. After the first cleaning, maintenance cleanings will be charged a flat fee based upon your frequency of cleaning and cleaning needs. To get started, please fill out the provided cleaning checklist. Once we receive the completed checklist, we will be in touch with you to determine a date/time for the initial cleaning.

What are your rates?

For first/deep cleans we charge an hourly rate of $35/hr per cleaner. Because every home and the people living in them are unique, it is nearly impossible for us to give an accurate estimate based on the square footage alone. After your initial cleaning, we will then give an estimate for future maintenance cleans based on the scope and frequency of your cleanings.

Do you provide earth friendly products?

Yes! Northern Cleaning Co. provides the products and equipment necessary to clean your home. Our products are earth-friendly and completely safe for your surfaces. If you would like us to use a product we do not carry, then please provide that product and we will be happy to use it in your home. We cannot, however, guarantee the safety of products that you provide. For heavy build-up or stains, we may request your permission to use a stronger cleaning agent, which may contain toxins.

How do I pay for my cleaning?

Our preferred methods of payment are bank transfer such as Venmo or Bill Pay, check, or cash (both of which must be present on the day of service). If you would like to pay via credit or debit card, a transaction fee of 3% will be added to your invoice. We send all of our clients an invoice via email which can be used to pay quickly and easily. Our account information and routing number are available upon request.

Do I have to be home when you clean?

Nope! Only if you want. Most clients prefer to "stay out of the way," so they can do more fun things before returning home to a sparkling clean house. It's customary to provide us with a garage code or spare key/hidden key. If you prefer, you're more than welcome to be home, and we'll be happy to work around you.

What about my pets?

One of our favorite things about our job is getting to meet the furry members of your family! When you sign up for service, we'll ask about your pets, so we can be prepared for the escape-artist kitty or unfriendly dog. Our non-toxic products are safe for all types of families and their pets!

What is the minimum number of hours I can schedule cleaning?

We have a 3 hour minimum. For safety reasons, we only work in teams, meaning that our three hour minimum is for 3 labor hours, not necessarily 3 cleaning hours. For example, if two cleaners are present, we will be in your home for 1.5 hours (3 hours of labor). If three cleaners are present, we will be in your home for 1 hour (3 hours of labor).

What is your cancellation policy?

Should you need to reschedule or cancel, please make sure to provide a full 2 business days' notice, excluding evenings/weekends. For instance, if your cleaning falls on a Monday, we must know by the prior Thursday during business hours (8:00 am-5:00 pm). If less notice is given, the late fee is $25 if you reschedule to another day. If the appointment is skipped altogether, the late cancellation fee is 50% of the entire cleaning cost. This helps reimburse your cleaner for lost work. Thank you in advance for your understanding!

What if I'm not completely happy with the cleaning?

Your happiness is our happiness, and we stand by our Quality Guarantee. If the job isn't done to your satisfaction, just leave it as it is, and call us within 48 hours. We'll come back and make it perfect at no charge. We'll also take $25 off that service for the inconvenience. If the work was done well, but more time was needed to finish all that you would have liked, we can arrange to schedule more time.

How do I prepare for my cleaning?

It's customary to pick things up off of the floor and declutter counters and surfaces, within reason. This allows your cleaner to focus on the nitty gritty dirt and grime. Dishes are considered a daily chore, so please clear your sink and counters of any dirty dishes to the best of your ability. Your cleaner will be happy to move a few dirty dishes out of the way to clean underneath. If picking up and doing dishes are part of why you've hired us, we'll be happy to do those by request!

Tell friends and save money!

Referral Program: For each person you refer who books a cleaning, a $15 credit will be added to your next invoice. If this same person signs on for regularly scheduled cleanings, an additional $10 in credit will be earned. Save More by Writing us a Review: We appreciate reviews on Google and Facebook. For each site where you leave a review, a $10 credit will be added to your next invoice.